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The oral history interviews and documentation collected for the Bethnal Green Memorial Project are gradually being added to this site where possible and ultimately archived at the Bishopsgate Institute Library. The collection comprises an extensive range of materials including interview recordings, photographs, digitalised artefacts, written accounts, newspaper cuttings and letters, as well as the materials gathered by the Stairway to Heaven Trust over the past years. Other organisations that also have material relating to the Bethnal Green Shelter Disaster can be found below.

The resources section of this website will increase as more materials are gathered, and we welcome contributions if you know of or have access to other documents or sources. Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Key archives:

Bishopsgate Institute,

The British Library,

The National Archives (formerly known as the Public Records Office),

Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust,

Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives have published very useful lists of sources, publications and reports and much can be found in their collection 

thlhla BG Disaster archival sources.pdf 

thlhla BG Disaster books_reports.pdf