Audio Trail

The audio trail is designed to be played at the memorial and give a deeper understanding of the history of the disaster. It includes many clips from interviews with survivors talking about their experience of the disaster.

The audio trail comes in two versions; one for children and another for adults. You can listen online (stream the recording) using the players below; or download the complete trail to your phone or mp3 player using the links below. Both trails are approximately half an hour in length and 30MB in size.

It is also possible to borrow audio players for free from Bethnal Green Library which is next to the memorial. It has 32 players loaded with both adult and child versions of the trail. You can call the library on 020 7364 3492 to check opening times and player availability.

You can listen to the ADULT'S trail online below or click here to download the adult's audio trail:

You can listen to the CHILDREN'S trail online or click here to download the children's audio trail:


 These trails are promoted on a plaque which is adjacent to the memorial, on the railings directly above the staircase where the disaster occurred. It contains a weblink and a QR code to this web page, which is designed to work on a variety of screen sizes and mobile devices. If you are reading this page on a mobile device, please note that this website also contains a wealth of other material on the disaster, including the original interview recordings, a free downloadable book on the disaster and teaching materials - do explore the rest of the site after you have experienced the memoryscape trail.

The plaque promoting the trail at the memorial siteThe plaque promoting the trail at the memorial site