Acknowledgements and thanks

We have a dedicated team of volunteers, who have worked tirelessly and passionately on the project. They are:

Susan Allen, Emma Anacoottee, Annicka Anncliff, Andy Bland, Cindy Boga, Amy Cooper, Sarah Dimmitt, Andy Hill, Barbara Humphries, Sharon Kean, Dvora Liberman, Alison Meeds, Heidi Murphy, Sarah O'Mahony, Joy Puritz, Caroline Randall, Byron Silver, Philip Sunshine, Jo Till, David Williams, Rah X.

We would like to thank sound artist Lewis Gibson for creating the Memoryscape audio trail; Barbara Stretch and Lorraine Waterfield at Bethnal Green Library for their long term commitment to the audio trail; architect Harry Paticas who has so generously embraced the idea of the audio trail. Our thanks also go to history co-ordinator Euan Williams for creating the education resources; Jude Tackley and the supporting UEL Finance and Administration staff, and of course to the Heritage Lottery Fund not only for their major financial input but also their helpful staff support.

In particular, our thanks go to Sandra Scotting and the Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust committee without whom this project would not exist.

There are many other people, too many to individually name, whose expertise, support and thinking have contributed to the success of this project; we would like to thank you all.

Most of all our greatest thanks go to the many survivors, family members, friends, nurses, doctors and rescuers who have shared their stories with us and brought this extraordinary and mostly unknown Second World War disaster into our twenty-first century lives.

Toby Butler was the project director; Amy Tooth Murphy project-managed the development stages of the project; Sam Dodds was the project intern and interim project manager; Nicola Samson project-managed the latter production stages.